• WARNING: this website is intended for mature adults and makes no attempt to be politically correct or Disney channel appropriate!

In other words, this site contains some very candid political, social, and cultural views. It also contains some very frank discussions about sexuality because Virginity is a sex-related topic and such discussions are unavoidable as the mission of this site is to present the truth. You won’t find any pornography here — just the truth. All content on this site comes from the perspective of being a real Virgin who takes pride in Virginity. As such, the opinions expressed here may not be what some would agree with. If you dislike or are offended by any of the content on this site in any way — please leave. There are millions of other sites to appeal to every interest, lifestyle, and point of view, and everyone has a right to their own space.

  • The sexual identities of photographed persons cannot be assumed.

In selecting photographs for posts and pages on this site, I used whatever images that I felt best corresponded to the subject matter. It therefore cannot be assumed that all persons appearing in photographs on this site are Virgins… or non-virgins.

  • All images used on this site I understood to be in the public domain. 

If you find work on this site for which you hold copyright and have not authorized its re-print or use, please contact me for its removal or to give permission for its use.

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