This site defines certain terms differently from the way that some people would. Some terms used here may be unfamiliar to the general public. And other terms are entirely new because I invented them myself (those are the ones with the asterisk *) to describe things relating to the Virgin experience that had no name. The following is a glossary of terms as they are used on this site.

Abstain — to willfully and voluntarily refrain from indulging in an appetite for sex, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, food, etc.: Generally speaking, anyone can abstain from anything for any reason.

Abstention — the general act of abstaining from something as practiced by anyone for any reason: He practiced abstention from drinking alcoholic beverages during Lent.


Abstinence — 1. the act of willfully and voluntarily refraining from all sexual activity and sexual expression until marriage as practiced by non-chaste heterosexuals for religious reasons: For hundreds of years, couples have practiced abstinence before marriage because they believed it was God’s will. 2. the act of willfully and voluntarily refraining from all sexual activity as practiced by non-chaste heterosexuals until they are over 18 or in a committed relationship because of personal convictions: Jane practiced abstinence until she graduated from school because she didn’t want to risk getting pregnant too early. 3. the act of willfully and voluntarily refraining from all sexual activity and sexual expression as practiced by non-chaste heterosexuals who enter monastic life: John began to practice abstinence when he entered the Catholic priesthood, despite sexual temptation from his former girlfriend. 4. A sexual practice within the Chaste tradition.

Abstinence Movement — A religious-based heterosexual political and social movement started in the 1990’s that promoted abstinence before marriage in response to the growing rate of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases following the post sexual revolution era: The abstinence movement helped to transform the way that abstinence is defined today.

Anal Intercourse (Anal Sex) — 1. a sex act in which the penis is inserted into the anus of another person 2. any sex act involving the stimulation of the anus to the point of orgasm: Examples of anal intercourse include pegging, anilingus, fingering, and object insertion.

Androgynous — to have no specific identity relating to gender or sexual orientation; to be everything and nothing: Ultimately, to have an androgynous sexual identity is to have no sexual identity at all.

*Anti-Chaste Bigotry —  intolerance, discrimination, hatred, fear, defamation, harassment, or violence against Chaste people as a sexual minority group, whether directed against Virgins and Celibates as a whole, or against Virgins specifically or Celibates specifically: Anti-Chaste bigotry in popular culture includes the stereotyping of Chaste people as being unattractive, impotent, or closet homosexuals — and accusations that Chastity is to blame for crimes committed against children by pedophile priests. 2. intolerance, hatred, or fear of Chastity as an idea.

Anti-Celibate — to be hateful, intolerant, and discriminatory primarily against Celibates and Celibacy.

Anti-Virgin — to be hateful, intolerant, and discriminatory primarily against Virgins and Virginity.

Ascetic — 1. a person practices extreme sexual abstinence, especially for religious reasons, and views all physical pleasure as inherently wrong: Many male followers of Early Christianity were ascetics who considered castration an acceptable way to combat desires of the flesh. 2. a person who renounces all pleasures and material comforts, such as food and shelter, and leads a life of severe self-denial, self-discipline, and self-mortification for spiritual and moral improvement. 3. pertaining to, or characteristic of an ascetic; self-denying and abstinent: an ascetic existence.


Asceticism — 1. extreme sexual abstinence, especially for religious reasons. 2. the belief that a person can attain a higher spiritual and moral state by practicing severe self-denial from material comforts and anything seen as pleasurable: The monks practiced rigid asceticism that painted anything that brought comfort or joy as sinful. 

Asexual — 1. A gender androgynous person that has no sexual attraction to either men or women and no desire for sex or sexual intimacy : Heterosexuals cannot be asexual — the asexual experience is not our experience. 2.  the state or condition of being gender androgynous and having no sexual attraction to either sex: An asexual is neither masculine nor feminine, neither here nor there. 3. A Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Transsexual, Transgender or Questioning person with no sexual desire: The Asexual Movement was co-opted by members of the LGBTQ community who made asexual identity their own. 4. A homosexually inclined person who abstains from sex; nonsexual 5. Sexually androgynous


Asexuality (Photo credit: Peter aka anemoneprojectors)

Asexuality — 1. the absence of sexual attraction to either sex accompanied by an androgynous gender identity: Asexuality has gained acceptance as a new sexual orientation. 2. the state or condition of being Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Transsexual, Transgender, or Questioning and having no desire to be sexually active.

Autonomy — 1. freedom or independence in one’s thoughts or actions: Chaste people believe in the autonomy of the individual. 2. sexual purity

Autonomous — 1. to be free from anything that is contaminating or a burden; separate; solo 2. to be sexually pure and unattached 3. to have control over one’s own life and not be ruled by outside forces; self-ruling; independent; free

Celibate — 1. A straight-heterosexual person that has engaged in vaginal intercourse, oral intercourse, anal intercourse, or manual intercourse but has decided to abstain from all such activity in the short or long-term future. 2. A non-virgin who voluntarily abstains from all sexual activity and embraces a Celibate identity. 3. the act of voluntarily abstaining from all sexual activity as practiced by a non-virgin. 4. one of the two sexual identities within Chastity (Virgin would be the other).

Celibacy — 1. voluntary abstinence from all sexual activity as practiced by non-virgins. 2. one of the two divisions within Chastity (Virginity would be the other).

Chaste — 1. the state of being heterosexual and naturally oriented toward an unmarried sexually inactive life: All the members of the Celibacy group were Chaste. 2. a heterosexual who is naturally oriented toward living an unmarried sexually inactive life: Sister Martha was the only Chaste we knew. 3. not sex-oriented; non-sexual: A Chaste kiss. Chaste nudity.

*Chaste Celibate — a non-Virgin that identifies themselves as a Celibate and feels naturally oriented to live an unmarried sexually inactive life: Mary Magdalene was a Chaste Celibate who had once been a prostitute.

Chaste community — the consolidated group of Virgin and Celibate people who feel naturally oriented to live an unmarried sexually inactive life who see themselves as being distinct from the larger society in which they live and come together to pursue common goals and interests: The Chaste community must organize to fight anti-chaste bigotry in all its forms.

*Chaste-minded — 1. a non-chaste person with a Chaste mind-set. 2. A married or sexually active person whose attitudes, beliefs, or sensibilities are similar to those of Chaste people: Chaste-minded people tend to agree that having sex with multiple strangers is not a good thing.

*Chaste Sexual Identity — a blanket term that refers to Virgin identity, Celibate identity, and Chaste identity in general: Virgins and Celibates both share a Chaste sexual identity.

*Chaste tradition — the consolidation of a collection of traditions, rules, customs, and beliefs associated with Chastity since ancient times: By Chaste tradition, women are not subservient to men.

Chaste Virgin — a Virgin that feels naturally oriented to live an unmarried sexually inactive life: Diana is a Chaste Virgin goddess in Greek and Roman mythology.

*Chaste world — a loosely defined grouping of Virgin and Celibate individuals, organizations, movements, and subcultures united by a common hetero-centric identity and an active interest in Chastity or abstinence: Virgins; Celibates; the Chaste Liberation movement; the abstinence movement; Catholic priests, monks, and nuns; Buddhist monks and nuns; practitioners of Brahmacharya; members of Secular Institutes; Shakers; Hari Krishnas; and people voluntarily in sexless marriages are all part of the Chaste world.

Chastity — a form of sexuality relating to heterosexuals in which one feels a naturally oriented toward living an unmarried sexually inactive life: Chastity was once described as a spiritual/religious “calling” but today it is being redefined as a sexual preference, if not a sexual orientation. 2. Virginity and Celibacy: Chastity is divided into two factions — Virginity and Celibacy.

Cherry — a non-technical term for “hymen”.

Cherry hound — A non-virgin male that likes to have sex with Virgin females; A Virgin hunter: Sebastian was a cherry hound that didn’t like women who were impure.

*Companion — the Chaste equivalent of a spouse or partner: Lucy had been Bob’s companion in a three-year Celibate relationship.

Couple — 1. the act of two people having sex, marrying, living together, dancing together, or combining assets; to function as a couple 2. the act of two people physically uniting as one: Chaste people traditionally don’t couple.

*Da Vinci Code-ism — a form of anti-chaste bigotry in literature and films in which historical figures or legendary characters that were originally Chaste are misrepresented to appear unchaste, sexually active, or married with children to make them more acceptable to a wider audience: When confronted with Chaste characters in classic stories, Hollywood often resorts to Da Vinci Code-ism to make their films more commercial. (the term “Da Vinci Code-ism” is based on the novel and Hollywood film The Da Vinci Code in which Jesus Christ and Mary Madeline were depicted as having a married, sexual relationship that resulted in children)

Deflower — 1. to be deprived of one’s Virginity: He did not want a loose woman to deflower him. 2. to take someone’s Virginity: The dirty old man wanted to deflower the girl next door. 3. to despoil something of innocence, purity, freshness, beauty etc; make imperfect; violate; ruin; The deer had deflowered an entire section of the garden.

Elder — 1. A Virgin who is a senior citizen. 2. a Virgin over 60-years-old: A dignified elder is well-respected in the Virgin community.

*Go Da Vinci Code — the act of taking a historical figure or legendary character that was originally Chaste and recasting them as unchaste, sexually active, or married with children in a story or film: I was disappointed to see Hollywood go Da Vinci code on the Chaste Virgin goddess Athena when they made her look like a slut on the DVD of the recent “clash of the Titans” movie.

*Hetero-centric — 1. an ideology that acknowledges non-heterosexual orientations and sexual identities as equal, but focuses on what is unique and inherent to heterosexuals and heterosexuality, especially as it relates to Virgins, Celibates, and other heterosexuals outside the sexual mainstream. 2. centered on, derived from, or pertaining to heterosexuals or heterosexuality: Virginity, Celibacy, and Chastity are hetero-centric concepts. 3. to be heterosexually oriented.

Heteroromantic — 1. A Chaste person. 2. A straight-heterosexual person that has no desire for sexual activity: The heteroromantic community began as part of the asexual community but is now becoming an independent movement.

Heterosexual (Straight Person) — A natural-born male or female who is attracted to and has sexual relations only with the opposite sex.

*Homosexual Hatred (Used in place of the term “homophobia”) — harassment, violence, and civil rights discrimination against homosexually inclined people.

Homosexually Inclined — 1. having the tendency to be sexually attracted to, or sexually active with, someone of the same-sex: Homosexually inclined people may not necessarily be gay, but they are not straight. 2. having the tendency to be transsexual or transgender. 3. queer

Hymen — a fold of mucous membrane partly closing the external orifice of the vagina in a Virgin female that is ruptured and causes bleeding when penetration takes place for the first time: In the United States today, the hymen is more a symbol than an actual indicator of Virginal purity.

Intercourse — Any sexual act including two or more people that involves the penetration of the vagina, mouth, or anus, or in which the genitalia of at least one person is stimulated by another to the point of orgasm: Vaginal sex, oral sex, anal sex, and manual sex (mutual masturbation) are all forms of intercourse.

*In the Chastity Closet — A metaphor used to describe people who are Virgin or Celibate that have not made their sexual identity and/or the fact that they are practicing abstinence or sexually oriented to be Chaste known to their family, friends, co-workers, etc: Jake was deep in the Chastity closet because he didn’t want his macho father and promiscuous buddies to make fun of him for being a Chaste Virgin.

Intimacy — 1. affectionate physical closeness and togetherness that does not involve any intercourse at all, whether it is oral, anal, manual, or vaginal: Hugging, kissing, touching are all appropriate characteristics of intimacy. 2. the chaste equivalent of having sex; Chaste love-making: Tom and Emma were an affectionate Chaste pair that had intimacy often.

Lad — A Virgin male, especially a Chaste one: A lad full of youthful innocence.

Lifelong Celibate — A non-virgin who decides to permanently abstain from sex.

Maiden (Maid)  A Virgin female, especially a Chaste one: The maiden wore white. A bashful maid of fifteen.

Maidenhead — 1. Virginity 2.  the condition or quality of being a Virgin 3. an outdated term for “hymen” which in modern usage can also figuratively refer to Virginity in males: The one Maidenhead that Casanova could never acquire was his own.

*Manual Intercourse (Manual sex) — 1. mutual masturbation. 2.  intercourse in which two or more people stimulate one another to the point of orgasm usually with the hands, but also with the feet, breasts, or other body parts as well as objects: Whether they want to admit it or not, people who engage in manual intercourse are engaging in sexual activity.

Masturbation — to stimulate one’s own genitals to the point of orgasm: Self masturbation is the one and only grey area between sexual activity and abstinence.

Matriarchal — referring to a society or culture in which females have central roles of leadership and authority: Virgin culture is a matriarchal culture.

Mutual Masturbation — see: Manual intercourse

Monogamy — commitment to a lifelong relationship that excludes the possibility of sexual intimacy with other persons as practiced by heterosexuals: Once upon a time, a marriage in which spouses remained true to each other was considered to be Chastity, but today it is referred to as monogamy.

Monastic — 1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of  life in a monastery: Monastic life is very strict, solitary, and austere. 2. a person who is a monk, nun, priest, or member of a religious organization that requires a vow of chastity: monastic takes lifelong vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience.


Monasticism — a religious way of life characterized by the practice of abstaining from all sexual intimacy and renouncing worldly pursuits to fully devote one’s self to spiritual work: The Shakers of early America believed in and practiced monasticism.

Non-Chaste — (used respectfully) not chaste: Non-Chaste people the urge to have sex and marry.

Non-reproductive intercourse — sexual intercourse that cannot result in pregnancy such as oral intercourse, anal intercourse, and manual intercourse.

Non-virgin — 1. a heterosexual person that has engaged in oral intercourse, anal intercourse, manual intercourse, or Vaginal-penile intercourse: One sex act with another person, voluntary or involuntary, is all it takes to become a non-virgin. 2. a heterosexual person who is not a Virgin.

*Old Lad — A Virgin male over 30-years-old.

Old Maid — A Virgin female over 30-years-old.

Oral Intercourse (Oral sex) — 1. a sex act involving the stimulation of the genitalia of another person to the point of orgasm by the use of the mouth. 2. any sex act performed orally on a sex partner that is intended to produce pleasure through orgasm. Fellatio and Cunnilingus are the two main forms of oral intercourse.

Pair — 1. A Chaste man and woman in a relationship. 2. the Chaste  equivalent of a couple: Sam and Sarah were a pair.

*Peculiar — 1. Sexuality or sexual expression that is unusual, odd, or outside the mainstream but does not involve intercourse: Chastity and BDSM have one in common; they are both peculiar. 2. relating to someone whose sexuality or sexual expression is unusual, odd, or outside the mainstream but does not involve intercourse: Chaste Virgins are peculiar people.

Perpetual Virginity — the act in which a Chaste Virgin commits herself or himself to lifelong Virginity: The Vestal Virgins of ancient Rome lived lives of Perpetual Virginity.

Perpetual Virgin

Perpetual Virgin — a Chaste Virgin committed to lifelong Virginity: Joan of Arc was probably the most famous Perpetual Virgin in history.

Perversion — Having or desiring sexual intercourse with individuals or things that a rational or sane person would not have intercourse with: Pedophilia, incest, bestiality, necrophilia, and the use of sex toys are all forms of perversion.

Pervert — A person that has intercourse with people or things that a normal or rational person would not have intercourse with.

*Popper (used disrespectfully) — 1. a sexually active non-virgin that closely adheres to the fashions, trends, and attitudes of popular culture and is considered part of the in-crowd or the “it” people 2. someone who is popular for closely conforming to popular social standards about values, behavior, and appearance; the pop culture elite: A popper looks down on Virgins as being nerds, freaks, or second-class citizens.  3. a sexually active non-virgin who subscribes to the attitudes and trends set by the  popular culture and wants to be accepted as part of the in-crowd or the “it” people; follower; wannabe (“Popper” was derived from the word “pop” meaning “popular” as in “popular culture”)

Poser — 1. A person who pretends to be something they are not to blend into a specific social group that they are not a member of; pretender; wannabe, fake: Somebody that has any or every kind of intercourse but vaginal-penile intercourse yet claims to be a Virgin is nothing but a poser! 2. A person who steals someone else’s identity and exploits it to get attention, prestige, or to be viewed as more acceptable while distorting the image of those they victimized in the process; bloodsucker, taker, leech 3. Someone that tries to get over by riding the coat tails of someone else’s name and reputation; parasite, freeloader, deadbeat: A “secondary virgin” is a first-class poser.

Prig (used disrespectfully) — 1. an annoyingly self-righteous and moralistic person who tries to impose their sexual values upon others and acts as if they are superior: He was Chaste but he was not a prig.

Promiscuity — the act of being promiscuous: People who have sex with someone that they are not married to are engaging in promiscuity, even if they consider their relationship to be a “committed” one.

Promiscuous — 1. to have sexual relations with multiple partners on a casual basis: People who are promiscuous usually become emotionally jaded by the experience, and are more likely to contract aids or other sexually transmitted diseases. 2. To have sexual relations outside of marriage.

Prude (used respectfully) — 1. a very modest, polite, and sensitive person: An example of a prude is someone who wears full coverage swimwear to the beach because they don’t want to show too much of their bare skin, and does not like bad manners, foul language, or crude jokes. 2. a Chaste person

Reluctant Virgin (Involuntary Virgin) — a Virgin that does not want to be a Virgin and seeks to lose their Virginity at the first available opportunity.

Saving one’s self for marriage — the act of saving one’s body exclusively for their future spouse and avoiding all sexual activity, intimacy, or self-gratification: People who save themselves for marriage believe that their bodies belong exclusively to their future spouse and are not to be touched sexually by anyone, including themselves, and may not believe in masturbating, kissing, or even holding hands with someone.

Sex — (see: Intercourse)

Sex act — the act of engaging in intercourse.

*Sex-oriented — 1. to be oriented toward relationships that include sex, marriage, or coupling. 2. non-chaste

Sexual — 1. feelings and activities associated with physical attraction or intimate contact between individuals: Two people holding hands in public are making a sexual statement that they are in love. 2. the possession of sexual potency; having power and authority emerging from one’s own sexuality: She was a sexual being full of raw passion.

Sexual Activity — physical activity with another person involving intercourse.

Sexual Energy1. the life-force energy that derives from a person’s sex drive that can be channeled toward achieving spiritual, emotional, and creative goals: Sigmund Freud’s theories about sexual energy  formed the foundation of modern psychology. 2. psychic energy emanating from a person’s sex drive: Freud felt that sexual energy, or “libido” as he called it, was the form of psychic energy. 3. libido

*Sexual Expression — 1.  sexual affection for another person expressed through physical contact that does not involve or lead to intercourse; a physical show affection that is not sex-oriented: An example of sexual expression would be sleeping in the same bed with a Chaste lover. 2. the expression of sexuality through art, music, dance, poetry, writing, cooking, building, etc: Because Chaste sexuality is not really something you can see since it does not involve actual sex, Chaste people often use sexual expression to make their inner feelings and desires known.

Sexual Identity — 1. what someone sexually perceives themselves to be and how they are perceived by others. 2. (in the Chaste world) relating to someone being either a Virgin or a Celibate; sexual status: Karen is a Chaste woman whose sexual identity is that of a Virgin.

*Sexually Chaste — referring to a person who is Chaste in terms of their sexuality but does not uphold Chaste culture or values: Jim was a sexually Chaste man but he was also a foul-mouthed drunk and a thief. 

Sexual minority group (Sexual minority) —  a group whose sexual identity, orientation or practices differ from the majority of the surrounding society: In the aftermath of the sexual revolution, The Chaste have become a full-fledged sexual minority group whose rights are constantly under attack.

Sexual preference (Sexual orientation) — 1. one’s natural preference in sexual matters. 2. having the inclination to be attracted to people of a particular sex and/or a particular sexual lifestyle: Some people are naturally Chaste and have a sexual preference to remain Virgins or become Celibates.

Sexual status — 1. see Sexual identity, definition 2

Sexuality — 1. how people experience and express themselves as sexual beings 2. one’s sexual character: Sexuality influences every aspect of a person’s life socially, politically, culturally, and philosophically. 

Sexually Inactive — 1. to not engage in vaginal intercourse, oral intercourse, anal intercourse, or manual intercourse for an extended period of time. 2. to be voluntarily or involuntarily abstinent from all forms of sexual activity for an extended period of time.

Straight — 1. not perverted or criminal; honorable, ethical, and decent: An adult male pedophile attracted to little girls may be heterosexual but he is not straight. 2. A heterosexual who is not a pervert.

Spiritual but not religious (SBNR) — a philosophy  that states a belief in God or a higher power but does not view organized religion as being necessary to live a virtuous or godly life: The Chaste Liberation Movement has a spiritual but not religious worldview that is pluralistic and inclusive of all spiritual beliefs or lack thereof.

Straight-heterosexual — 1. one-hundred percent heterosexual. 2. a heterosexual who is not a pervert: Chaste people are straight-heterosexual people.

*The Chaste — 1. Chaste people 2. Virgins and Celibates collectively: The Chaste must unite in the face of social oppression.

Reproductive intercourse (vaginal-penile intercourse) — intercourse in which a male’s penis is inserted into a female’s vagina for the purposes of sexual pleasure or reproduction.

Vaginal intercourse — intercourse involving the penetration of the female Vagina for purposes of sexual pleasure or reproduction:Vaginal intercourse includes vaginal-penile intercourse, fisting, finger-f—ing, and the use of dildos. 

Virgin — 1. a straight-heterosexual person that has never engaged in sexual activity such as vaginal intercourse, oral intercourse, anal intercourse, or manual intercourse 2. one of the two sexual identities within Chastity (Celibate would be the other). 3. fresh and new;  pure and natural; innocent and spotless; intact and untouched; unspoiled and undisturbed; primal and primeval: A Virgin forest 4. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a Virgin: Virgin modesty 5. not cultivated, explored, or exploited by anyone; wild, untamed, and unknown: Virgin territory 6. in an initial state; pristine and unused: Virgin snow 7. being first or happening for the first time; original; initial: Passengers boarded the brand new ship for its Virgin voyage.

Virginal — 1. of, pertaining to, characteristic of, or befitting a Virgin: Virginal purity. 2. continuing in a state of Virginity. 3. pure; unsullied; untouched: Virginal mountain stream.

Virgin community — 1. referring exclusively to Chaste Virgins who are active in the Chaste Liberation Movement. 2. the collective group of Chaste Virgins who feel naturally oriented to live unmarried sexually inactive lives who see themselves as being separate and distinct from mainstream society and come together to pursue common goals and interests.

Virginity — 1. the state or condition of being a Virgin 2. the state or condition of being pure, innocent, untouched, etc. 3. one of the two divisions within Chastity (Celibacy would be the other).

*Virgin hunter  — 1. A non-virgin who chases after Virgins for sexual conquest: A Virgin hunter is a sexual predator and can be male or female. 2. A non-virgin who seeks out Virgins for marriage excluding all other prospects: Many men from Islamic traditions are Virgin hunters who only want to marry Virgin girls.


Virgin-in-waiting (Abstinent Virgin/Voluntary Virgin) — A Virgin who is waiting until they are married or in a committed relationship before becoming sexually active: Amy was a virgin-in-waiting who belonged to the school abstinence club and wore a purity ring to show that she was saving herself for marriage.

*Virgin lover — 1. A Chaste Virgin that will only have romantic relationships with other Virgins: A hardcore Virgin Lover would never date someone who is not also a Virgin. 2. A Chaste Virgin that prefers to have romantic relationships with other Virgins.

*Virgin mythology — a loose collection of ancient myths, legends, and parables, along with fictional stories from movies and comic books about powerful Virgins used to provide Chaste Virgins with affirmative images of themselves and to teach lessons about proper attitudes and behavior within Virgin society: Virgin mythology provides Virgins with role models that they don’t usually have in real life.

Virgin power — a political slogan used among Virgins emphasizing sexual pride and the creation of political and cultural institutions to nurture Virgin culture and promote Virgin interests and well-being.

Virgin world — the sphere of existence, activity, or experience of all Virgins in general: There is no room for sex of any kind under any circumstances in the Virgin world.

Unchaste — (used disrespectfully.) 1. not Chaste  2. tawdry, cheap, vulgar, obscene, oversexualized, or perverted: A strip club is an unchaste environment.

Youth — 1. a Virgin under 25-years old: A youth must withstand peer pressure if they want to remain pure. The abstinence movement is geared toward youths in middle school, high school, and college. 2. (outdated) a Virgin male: Nowadays, a Virgin male is called a “lad” instead of a “youth”.

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