Why Blog?

Dear journal,

Why did I start this blog in the first place? Hmmm, let me think….

First, it’s a form of therapy. I tend to hold things in because I am proud and independent, and I don’t like to burden other people with my problems. However, I’ve learned that it’s better to talk about what’s on your mind. The problem is it’s not always easy to talk to the people around me, especially as it pertains to matters of my Virginity and Chastity. So I figured that keeping a journal would be a way that I could fully express myself and talk things out.

Second, an online journal would be a great way for me to practice my writing and get my work out there at the same time. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, and I consider myself one even though I haven’t written the “Great American Novel” yet or managed to land that journalist position with one of the country’s major magazines or newspapers. To be a true writer I just have to write and get published. Blogging will allow me to do both.

Third, there’s the vague hope that blogging will become a full-time career, or at least bring me some much-needed extra income. Like many Americans, I’m broke. Paying the mortgage, covering the bills, and keeping food on the table are a daily struggle. I’m underemployed. I have a Bachelor’s degree but I’m working as a teacher’s aide, and with all the budget cuts in education, there’s no guarantee that I will have a job next year. Besides, I don’t like working for someone else. Blogging may just be the way to the career I’ve always wanted.

Fourth, and most importantly… I want to present an image of Virgins and Virginity that is different from the negative images seen in the media today. By allowing people a glimpse into the life of a real 40 (one) year old Virgin, I hope to show that Virgins — especially Chaste Virgins — are not aliens. We have families, jobs, and lives much the same as anyone else — and society needs to realize this and accept us for who we are.

Those are all very good reasons why I should blog, but despite this I haven’t been much of a blogger. In the past two months or so since I started this blog I’ve only made two pitiful posts. I’ve been dealing with so much on account of my mother’s illness and death that I haven’t had the will or energy to devote to it. But I can’t grieve forever. And it’s about time I started getting on with my life. So today I’m going to start fresh and recommit to all the things that I have been neglecting the past few months, including my blog. May it actually get off the ground this time.

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