Express yourself for Halloween

Yep. Halloween is here again. It’s that one time of the year when women can dress like sluts without being called sluts — men can wear makeup without being called gay — and children can act like monsters without being scolded. Halloween is a time for breaking rules. It’s a time when you can violate every social standard for what is considered to be “acceptable” or “appropriate” and get away with it because it’s all in fun.

One of the best things about Halloween are the costumes because they allow you to openly express that socially incorrect side of your personality that you repress the other 354 days of the year. That’s why slutty, bad girl costumes, for example, are so popular. Being called a “slut” is the ultimate insult for most women, and social standards define any woman who acts out in an overtly sexual way as a “slut.” This is bad news for women that like sex because it forces them to repress who they really are for the sake of social acceptability.  But on Halloween, social standards go out the window. For one night, women can embrace their inner “bad girl” and dress as “slutty” as they like — and it’s perfectly acceptable (as long as they’re not underage) because it’s all in fum.

So what can I be for Halloween that would allow me to express some of my inner qualities? There are so many sides to my personality that I could be any number of things. But the one I choose this year is…

 Boop-boop-a-do! This is as close as I personally come to being a “bad girl.” Though Betty Boop is pretty tame compared to a lot of what’s out there, being Betty Boop for Halloween would give me a chance to express my more provocative side. I love men and I enjoy being flirtatious. This is not something that I can easily express on a daily basis because (1.) People think that being a Virgin means being asexual and to show any sign of having a pulse is to be accused of not being a Virgin at all. (2.) Warm-blooded though I may be, the last thing I want is sex, and being a flirt, even an innocent one like Betty Boop, may give guys the wrong idea.

But I’m not going to worry about that for now. After all, It’s just a costume. And in the spirit of Halloween, it’s all in fun.

Happy Halloween!

Vampire Virgin!

Virgins rule in “Dracula: Pages from A Virgin’s Diary”!

I don’t like horror movies. Halloween is the one and only time of year when I watch them. Most of these movies are terrible, and I’ve seen some real bombs in Halloweens’ past. This year I’m on a vampire kick. In addition to wanting to be one for Halloween, my movie selections the past couple weeks have included vampire flicks. Personally, I prefer the traditional vampires that hated crosses and daylight, were purely demonic, and made no apologies for what they were — not the whiny, sensitive, all-too-human vampires that are popular today. Therefore, my movie selections included older, less mainstream versions of the vampire saga. And being “traditional” vampires, as those in my movies were, only the blood of a Virgin would satisfy them.

I really don’t like the way Virgins are portrayed as hapless victims in many of these films. I certainly don’t see myself that way. I identified more with the vampires than with these stereotypical Virgins. Vampires and Virgins have a lot in common in that neither of them have sex! And like vampires, Chaste Virgins aren’t even interested in it.

A lot of misinformed people think people that don’t desire sex are “asexual,” but using vampires as an example I can show that this is untrue. Despite the fact that they don’t have sex or want to, Vampires are some of the most sexual creatures there are. It’s just that their sexuality is centered a desire for blood instead of a desire for sex. The act of drinking someone’s blood is for a vampire what sex is for mortals. Similarity, Chaste Virgins are sexual too. Being Chaste does not mean that you are not sexual. It just means that your sexuality is centered around a desire for intimacy instead of a desire for sex. The act of being close to someone and receiving emotional gratification of needs in the form of intimacy is to a Chaste Virgin what sex is to others. Take a vampire, substitute the need for intimacy for the need for blood, and there you have the sexuality of a Chaste Virgin. So many sexually active people have such a hard time understanding how sexuality can exist without sex when they need only watch any vampire movie to get a perfect example of it.

This Halloween I want to be a vampire to because it expresses, not the impotent victim the world thinks I am, but the strong sexual being that I know myself to be.

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