Please pardon my dust — response to “under construction” comment

I recently received a comment from a follower of my blog, on my last “under construction” post. I decided to give an official response because I suspect that this may be a reflection of what many of you may have been thinking. This person called “Yosten” wrote:

“You used to write exceptional posts, but the last several posts have been kinda boring. I miss your wonderful posts. Past couple of posts are just slightly bit out of track!”

Yes, Yosten. I know. My goal has always been to be a writer that writes with a purpose about things that are meaningful to me, and to do it well. I know that these last couple posts haven’t been up to my usual standards and I regret that. But again, behind the scenes, I have been doing a lot of construction to expand this site, so pretty much all of my energy has been focused on that. These little snippet posts have been my way of keeping the site on life support until everything’s completed. How many interesting, excellent, and wonderful sites have fallen by the wayside because their owners didn’t bother to keep them current? Personally, if I see a site that hasn’t shown any sign of life in several months or more, I assume it’s dead and move on. So even if these last few posts have been rather lackluster… at least you know that I’m still here, the site is still open for business, and that you can post anytime and most likely get a reply.

Right now, the construction phase is at its halfway mark. I’ve just completed my first new page and I’m working day and night to get the rest done. Meanwhile, you can follow Virginity’s Voice on Facebook — and if you’re new to this site, feel free to browse the archives. Just bear with me during this transitional time and when everything is unveiled — I promise you it’s going to be great!

By the way, my birthday was yesterday. I’m a 43-year-old Virgin now!

Steve Carell, eat your heart out!

Under Construction — Update 07/06/12

Hey all! Just checking in to let everybody know that the site is not dead. Far from it! Even though you haven’t seen a lot of activity lately in terms of posts, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. I’m working on several brand new pages and installing new features all the time. And now, you can visit Virginity’s Voice on Facebook! Check out my “Virginity’s Voice” page where I’ll be posting frequent updates on my progress and whatever else is on my mind.

Don’t forget to “like” me on Facebook. : )


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